Family Vacation Picture

It was mentioned in Deuce's diary that he went with his mother to Greece every summer for vacation. He stayed with his aunts and was taught to cook there. This is just what I believe a glimpse would be into a normal vacation when Deuce was little. Playing at the beach with his mom and then his aunties would show him the ropes in the kitchen.

The Gorgon sisters always intrigued me when I was taught about Greek Mythology and I was very happy when I found out that Duece's mommy was Medusa and that they included Stheno and Euryale into his back story.

This picture is color coded for your convenience: Medusa(green snakes), Euryale( blue snakes) and Stheno (red snakes) and a green baby Duece lol.

Also the backgrounds do not belong me. I'm just too tired to draw them at the moment. Anyway enjoy.

Deuce belongs to Monster High
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