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- Would you believe. My first Oro art. *laughs* In fairness, he was a very pretty little boy. He just grew... weirder, more Jacko-ish. And I believe that's something that waits to be written, if it hasn't been already. MAJOR TANGLES IN THE MORNING HAR HAR I bet he has hair no jutsu for that. I bet he had to beg at the door of Hiashi's family to learn that hair jutsu.

The Gorgons (sans the monicker for my beloved churls of roommates whom I am, mercifully, rid of) were a race of monsters in Greek mythology who lived in the farthest isle in the western ocean. They're strictly ladies, but Oro looks androgynous, so bah. And only Medusa is supposed to have snakes, according to Ovid, but in general they're known to have snakes in their hair.

MANDA-CHAN THERE YOU BE. I still hate how the anime made him purple instead of a nice, scary, pasty colour.
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