Viperine Gorgon II Picture

I wouldn't usually upload photos of my Monster High dolls but I came upon her unexpectedly during a trip to Target this weekend and I was just too excited! I searched her here on deviantart and when I found no photos of the actual doll I knew I had to share.

So here she is in all of her adorable hippiness. Viperine Gorgon daughter of Stheno

(Stheno in Greek mythology, was the eldest of the Gorgons, vicious female monsters with brass hands, sharp fangs and "hair" made of living venomous snakes.)

She is the daughter of Stheno, whose sisters Medusa and Euryale are her aunts. Deuce Gorgon is her cousin.

The photo quality isn't the best so it definitely doesn't do her justice. I love her flesh color. Her face has a slight shimmery sheen and an adorable little cleft chin.

Please do not take this photo and or upload it anywhere without my permission

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