Cockatrice Picture

I wanted to re-imagine the Cockatrice, a mythical beast and discern some of the mixed mythology surrounding it. From my research, the distinction between a Cockatrice and a Basilisk, both similar in biology but not shape, is their origins A cockatrice is born from a chicken egg being incubated by a snake or toad, as where a Basilisk is born from a toad or snake egg being incubated by a chicken. Cockatrices are violent and tenacious predators that use their petrifying gaze to capture their prey. They are capable of flying short distances and use their sharp teeth and talons to kill prey. Like its cousin the basilisk, the cockatrice inherits a weakness to mustelidae (weasles, badgers, and wolverines) from its serpentine heritage and will fight such creatures to the death and is deathly allergic to the urine of such mammals. Much like a gorgon the cockatrice and Basilisk can become subject to their own petrifying gaze by use of a mirror and will flee at the sound of a true rooster’s crow.
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