Gorgon Picture

All right, since most of you know that for the longest time that my chosen creature has been a Shape-Shifter. Well, this time, I decided to change my chosen creature into a Gorgon. Why?

Out of all the mythological creatures of both World Wide myth and the Monster Girl Wiki, I've chose the Gorgon (Or Medusa if you would prefer) because it's a fairly misunderstood and widely feared creature. I did not choose the Gorgon for it's petrifying powers but more the line that I am fierce in nature and devoted to my family.

A short description of what I would like as a Gorgon is this:

The total number of snakes that I have is five. Note: My hair turns into snakes from the middle.

Like the information on the Monster Girl Wiki says. Here: monstergirlencyclopedia.wikia.…

Also, the type of snakes I have are, you guessed it, Rare Red Phase Bush Vipers.

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