Gorgon Mourning Picture


The foreground and background never go together well! That's my WEAKNESS!

I know the Gorgons actually have snake lower bodies, but I didn't want gross snakey bodies, so I tried to have them parallel each other with denim... Not that anyone really cares about that detail HAHAHA.

Uh, there's a detail of Miss PurpleHair TornShirt in my scraps, if you want.

Agh... Before you guys ask any questions... That's a man-turned-stone statue in the background, if you see it. It's not a weird blob or anything. And yes, that's Perseus in the sky, and yes, I KNOW he's supposed to be invisible, I thought having him frolick on up there would be aight.


I'm in a sour mood. It's reallt hot here, where I live. Dry heat, NOTHING compared to Texas or the Philippines... But still, it's fairly miserable. Yea, moisture sucks a million times more, but that doesn't make me feel any better.

Bleh. Bf James got his senior sweater... I was wearing it, then he had to go off to rehearse some awards ceremony, so I have his jacket until tomorrow... MAN, it's toasty outside, but in the classrooms, they make it SUPER COLD.

I'll get sick that way! ARRRRGH

Paint Tool SAI
An EXTRA ungodly amount of hours (3-5)
Grape Soda
Tool Music
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