Gorgon Girl - Tea Party Picture

If you could preserve the ones that you love, as they are now; in the moment... despite the cost... would you? Is it not tempting sometimes to attempt to? You lose them either way though, so is it really so wrong to give yourself delusions of the life you knew whilst with them?


I feel I need to explain [some] of this painting. Firstly, gorgons aren't real creatures, please don't start to break down the science to me on how they could turn people to stone & not their clothes or things they're touching, without turning the grass, and other things... but where does it stop, really? I had to make a judgment call. I could just turn the kids to stone and not their clothes... I didn't want to.

Secondly. I treated her "gorgonism" as more of a mutant power of sorts, as opposed to the Greek mythological gorgon. Heightened states of emotion, or just prepubescent wetdreams... doesn't matter, point is, I know it won't sit well with someone. "how did she get close enough to even make friends?"

For all those others. I won't explain any meaning. It isn't my trying to be rude, I just would rather if you don't find meaning with it, great, perhaps there's none. If you do, great. I won't give my interpretation of it though.

I could have worked longer on this, but honestly, I have other projects I want to get to. If something really bothers me with it, I'll go back and fix it, but not any time soon, because I'm frankly sick of looking at it. And yeah, my attempt at a background. I'm trying to stretch myself here.

Done in the same way Damien's kiss [link] was... with photo elements (eg the bridge and stone textures) & references used . The bridge belongs to
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