Gorgons Picture

Sejanus Reflex in a bid to aid Crastinos & his vampire horde regain their power & to cause Vanessa, Dracula, Anthony & the PDND a lot of split-ends: he sends 12 Exiles with powers & apperances base on the monsters of Greek Mythology to suit this cause:-

The sultry Gorgons are a trio of female snake-attributed Exiles paying homage to the 3 Gorgons of Greek Mythology where all 3 women wield petrifying powers (Turning ALL living creatures into stone with a gaze from their eyes) but also have boosted physical abilities, serpent generation powers & individual skills to boot....(NOTE:- These women are NOT sisters)

STHENO: The 'youngest' Gorgon has agility that makes her incredibly difficult to hit & can also generate hordes of snakes where if one bit you.... that part of your body turns to stone
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