The Gorgons Picture

My version of the the Gorgon sisters, from top to bottom: Euryale, Stheno, & Medusa.

I worked on this piece on and off for several months, and I think I am finally done. The background is photomanipulation, but the foreground is digitally painted. I think this might be my best work yet, but please leave suggestions if you have any. Thanks.

Do not use or post elsewhere w/o permission.

References, brush & Stock used:
faces from *fetishfaerie-stock [link] [link]
& [link]
background from ~darkland-stock [link]
stone owl from =archetype-stock [link]
stone horse & dog from ~wolfwindstock [link] [link]
feather brush from ~iceytina [link]

Animals were referenced off google searches, one for "yellow eyelash viper," another for "turkey vulture," and a final for "moray eel."
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