Team Felony Picture


FFF, I'm sorry.
I couldn't resist making them.
OK, so I haven't got their team name yet.
The leader is Apollo the Riolu. He's the human dude. He's a huge pervert and a self proclaimed "ladie's man." He's overconfident and thinks he's more awesome than he is. He also owns a Destiny Knot (an item that if the holder gets infatuated, then the infatuater becomes infatuated too.) and often tries to randomly attack Electra while holding it to make her uncomfortable.
Then we have Electra the Skitty. Her backstory is sexy BD. So she's a wanted thief. She usually steals food, money, and valuables to sell on the black market. Because Pokemon totally have a black market. The one thing that she ends up stealing often is the Relic Fragment. She'd tried selling it on the black market before, but it always ended up with her again. She's also nomadic, moving when a town bores her (or when she escapes prison). When she is captured stealing the Relic Fragment in Treasure Town, she ends up tripping over Apollo's body while running away from the police force. The two were both captured and thrown into jail. A few days into their incarceration, they are elected to be the first in a reform program. This program puts outlaws into the Wigglytuff Guild in an attempt to reform them. Electra agrees to this, under the condition that she gets to keep the Relic Fragment. Officer Magnizone agrees, but he would get it back if they screwed up. So they formed their exploration team, with Apollo being the leader.
Electra is a grumpy stick in the mud. She really doesn't like other Pokemon, but takes being around them over being in prison. She especially hates her Cute Charm ability, and avoids physical contact with Apollo at all costs.
Now Orpheus is their other team member. He makes me happy. (Yes, the reason that I love him so much is I was Orpheus in my Mythology class's Golden Fleece play. He's amazing shutup.) He's a Murkrow. He used to live in some other town with his one true love, Eurydice (You-rid-a-see.) She was on the town's police force, and he was a minstrel. However, she was killed in a great struggle with a band of thieves, which at the time was lead by Electra. He vowed to find Electra, who by the time of Eurydice's funeral had once again migrated, and kill her. He traveled in search of her for three years. All this time he went around as a minstrel to earn money. But out of the public's eye, in dungeons, he sang his perish song, knocking out as many other Pokemon as possible as well as himself. (It's like cutting himself in style.)
Orpheus is a seriously depressed monotone. He is another stick in the mud, and prefers to be left alone. But he does have a serious temper.
I would've had a colored ref, but I have ten good pictures to draw by January 1st for my calender D: I just wanted to post their refs, because I'm about to start working on a really cool picture of Orpheus~
Oh, and about Grovyle, Celebi, and Dusknoir. Grovyle is named Jason, Celebi is Atalanta, and Dusknoir is Medea (yes, she's a girl.). 8D

Electra, Apollo and Orpheus (c) Me
Skitty, Riolu and Murkrow (c) Nintendo
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