Jake the Reaper Picture

Jake was Kyo's friend in his former life. He chose Kyo as his predicessor. He tested him, Kyo passed, and Jake went with him on his journey(never before happened). They adventured and during the final battle against Satan Kyo won but the dark power within death's sythe was unleashed when Satan hurt Kyo's fiance and best friend Crystal. Jake had to kill Kyo or he would have turned into Satan himself.

Jake use a bow made of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the Golden fleece. He stole Zeus's lightning and uses those as arrows.

*Note. All the Greek Gods and such i include in this are created by Satan. I am not a Pagan. Kyo Crystal and Jake must journey to certain towns and kill the demon(in the form of some sort of God or monster from mythology)guarding theat town and influencing these people to evil.

Any questions about anything just comment. Thx!
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