July Apocalypse: Sailor Aragon Picture

Senshi of the Apocalypse for #SenshiEvolutions

Name: Nephele Krios
Homeworld: Earth (greece)
Senshi Name: Sailor Aragon
Colors: Gold/silver/copper (shiny precious metals)

Transformation Item: winged sheep necklace

Golden revelation: this attack causes light to swirl around the attacker and crack the ground around them, plunging them into the earth below them, it will also cause all life inside the circle to die as it rips the life force out of it.

RAM'S GRACE: Causes (novelty sized) golden bow on back to become strong wings like gloden ram's wings used transport her or others by flying away a short distance. This is not effective with numerous people due to slowing her down or not allowing take off . Also people CAN AND WILL FALL OFF IF NOT HOLDING ON TIGHT

Fleece FLURRY: this attack sends golden curly fleece (how original :sweat: in like a snow storm to blind/ slow down the attacker. it also will tangle them up.

Senshi Transformation: GOLDEN FLEECE WRAP UP!

(omg i've been reading too much greek mythology.)
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