Five Person FOOD Picture

This = big joke on the class guys. I love them. I really do. I love them because they're so easy to make fun of.
See, a while back, the writer of our Intro to Game Design textbook came to speak (she had met Insomniac! This earns her 10 cool points). She suggested to these guys that they form their own game design company (without taking into consideration the fact that garage developers do not get recognition and thus do not get paid). They decided to call themselves "Five Man Dude" at first; she told them to quit being sexist and they decided "Five Person Dude" was better. Thus, now and forevermore, these guys are Five Person Dude to me - even if they all end up working at rival game companies around the globe.
Of course, when I get hungry, or just in the mood to make puns, they become Five Person Food, as you see now. Left to right:

Dane - is a danish. Sorta. Looks more like a crecent roll with a splat of butter to me (hey, the blond hair sticks out. I can't tell them apart well when they're across the room and I don't have my glasses on because I'm so nearsighted, but I can pick out Dane because he's the only blond). This was the most obvious food: he keeps his files in a folder labelled "Daneish stuff" on his computer and his screenname on everything from Yahoo to Myspace is Daneish.
Adam - a fig. Yes, that is a fig, solely because of the fact that I say it is - despite what it may look like! XP Why is Adam a fig? Because I couldn't think of any good food puns on "Adam", so the next best thing is that Adam and Eve made themselves clothes out of fig leaves, so Adam gets to be a fig. Bad drawing can be blamed on my referencing the figs you can feed your animals as enrichment items in Zoo Tycoon 2.
Cesar - is a Caesar salad, of course! Actually, he's more just an ordinary salad, as I'm not quite sure what makes a salad a "Caesar salad" as opposed to a regular one - though Wiki seems to think my salad is close enough; it's just missing the eggs, cheese, and sauce. We'll pretend they're hiding under the lettuce. Justin - a Justanut from the Creatures: Docking Station game that I downloaded years ago. I'm sorry; but there just aren't many foods that you can pun on "Justin"! I'm just glad I played that silly game; I'd have been totally stuck if I hadn't remembered that part: "This isn't just any nut. No, it's Justanut!"
Jason - is a leg of lamb. No, I've never eaten mutton, so I'm not sure if that's an accurate depiction of it or not. This was another stretch; this time, it's based on the fact that Jason was the name of the character in Greek mythology who had to retrieve the golden fleece, and fleece comes from sheep. Hey, it was either that, or he became a sandwich from the Jason's Deli that I used to eat at years ago.
So yes, this is my depiction of the five loony guys in my food. I find this amusing. Hopefully, if one of them stumbles on this page, they'll find it amusing, life could get crazy if they don't.
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