Medea Picture

I am currently inspired by The Iliad and The Odyssey. Basically, everything that is related to Greek mythology and ancient Greek literature. Here is an illustration of the beautiful sorceress Medea. For those who aren't familiar with her, she is the woman who helped Jason (from Jason and the Argonauts) retrieve the golden fleece. Without her help, Jason would have found it impossible to accomplish the tasks set by the King, defeat the dragon and the skeletal warriors, defeat the giant automaton Talos, and retrieve the golden fleece. All she asked in return was for Jason to love her and marry her. She even helped kill her own brother just to save Jason from the wrath of her own family.
Of course, the hero had to screw her over and fall in love with someone else.
So, she killed her own sons with Jason and attempted to kill him too.

Like most powerful Greek women, Medea was a pawn of the gods. Hera made sure Aphrodite secured Medea's love for Jason just so Jason could succeed. Like most heroes and heroines, she was screwed over and used by the gods. That didn't stop her from being a BAMF though and she still is.
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