Halloween 2012 - Banshee Picture

Halloween 2012

I wanted to be something sexy and yet grotesque and completely out of the box of what people normally dress up as for Halloween. So after one night of playing on WoW and thinking about my costume options ( had tossed around the idea of being the "Golden Fleece" from Greek mythology, the image of a Wailing Banshee from WoW came into my head. I then went online and did a search on any images that people may have done in the past and really found nothing! Now really wanting to do this costume, I decided to do my own version. I checked out youtube for simple but creative ways to do prosthetics and then went through entire collection of Halloween magazines. I finally narrowed it down to this Mileena makeup tutorial from Mortal Kombat on youtube and this ethereal floaty white cloak made from tulle from Martha Stewart. This was the results! I had a white body suit on that when you saw me from the side and back, the cloak was actually pretty see-through, it would look like I wasnt really wearing anything (the sexy part
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