Draco Athan's Dragon Picture


Draco:Latin form of Greek Drakon, meaning "dragon." Draco was the name of a 7th century scribe of Athens, Greece. It is also the name of a constellation. In Greek mythology, there are many dragons mentioned. For example, Drakon Ismenios was a gigantic serpent which guarded the sacred spring of Ismenos near Thebes; the Drakon Kholkikos was the guardian of the golden fleece; Drakon Maionios was a huge Dragon that ravaged the land of Lydia.

Bio: Draco is loyal to his owner Athan. He is strong willed and will do anything to protect the ones he is assigned to or love. He is a great fighter and will do anything to save is land. Unforunatley, Draco is the last of the dragons that Athan as every found. Draco feels alone and upset that know one else has found a dragon other than himself.
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