Medea's Vengeance Picture

My interpretation of Medea, the archetype of sorcerers in Greek mythology. She's one of my favorite characters of the late ancient greek mythology, even though her deeds are horrible.

History: Medea was the wife of Iason, the leader of the Argonauts, seeking the Golden Fleece. She helped him to find it and in return he married her. After murdering Medea's brother the lovers escaped to Corinth and spend there the rest of their life with their sons. But Iason, to strenght his political position, became engaged with Glauce, the daughter of Corinth's king. The scorned Medea seeked revenge: she sent a poisoned dress to the bride. When Glauce put it on, her body caught fire, and so did her father, who came to help his daughter. Both died horribly.
Then Medea killed her two sons to hurt Iason even more.
She fled on a golden chariot to Athens.

I've drawn her holding the 'wedding gift' for princess Glauce. She's looking very creepy in it^^

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