: Luka and Molly : Picture

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Name: Luka Riven

Age: Old. Looks about 22-ish

Sex: Male

Height: 7’

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Dullahan

Relationship: Single

Children: Molly Riven

Personality: He’s usually has a very calm and stern way of him. Since he’s tall he can come off as serious and prude. Though actually he’s very sweet and caring. Though if you get him angry he’ll beat you in a minute. And if you threaten his daughter he’ll kill you without second thoughts. He’s very protective of his loved ones. He’s basically a giant teddy bear until you make him mad then he shows no mercy or kindness.

Bio: There’s really not much of a past he cares to remember. He used to just wonder around Ireland roaming where he was needed. Until one night while he was walking along the outskirts of the forest where the fae and human world met he had heard a whine. A baby’s crying. So naturally he headed to investigate since he was pretty sure he had been alone on the path. He came across a small little baby wrapped up in a pink blanket abandoned, left to die. Of course he wasn’t going to just leave the small baby he took her to his brother’s since he knew his brother and his wife had recently had a child they might be able to help. At first he had planned on putting the child in an orphanage but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He grew attached to the infant and decided to keep her, he named her Molly. He loves his daughter very much and always puts her needs first.

He soon moved to a small town in Ireland buying an apartment for him and Molly since he didn’t have a girlfriend or wife it was just the two of them. He then got a job as a high school mythology teacher and works at a daycare on the weekends. He loves to spend time with his daughter and loves to spoil her, the best he can.

Name: Molly Riven

Age: 8 and a half

Sex: female

Species: Fae

Parents: Luka Riven

Bio: She was abandoned as a baby and was found by Luka. Luka is the only parent she knows and she loves him very much. She enjoys her simple life with her dad though sometimes yea she wishes for a mum to and a mate for her dad so he can be happier but she doesn’t complain. She does know she’s adopted.

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