Columbus's Map Picture

As you can tell this is a rather alternative Americas.

On Columbus's first voyage to the Americas he first came upon what we know as the Bahamas where he describes seeing strange looking children naked children who fled at the sight of them.

Columbus sailed further along the coast of northern Cuba seeing more of these naked children tending fields, but they to fled at the sight of the ships. Eventually Columbus came upon what he was looking and what he believed to be Japan. As they sailed along the coast 6 long two storey boats powered by rowers came up to them, once again children commanded the ship but they wore simple loincloths and carried with them wicker shields and wooden clubs, they also had blonde beards on their cheeks but not where beards normally are.

These boats escorted Columbus's expedition to what Columbus thought must of been the capital of Japan for it was quite a grand city indeed. Columbus writes that flat roofed houses stretched as far as the eye could see and in-between them were great domes of many colours and large towers glittering with precious metals. But most off all was a tower that seemed to stretched to the heavens, it was dazzling in the sun but seemed to have many platforms sticking out from it and windows that looked rather small from the sea. When Columbus was docked he noted that everyone was a child and there were even smaller children running about. Columbus describes how the city children covered themselves up in simple tunics or more elaborate robes with what Columbus assumed were the females since they did not have the strange beards like the others were highly decorated. It is also written that many had monkeys upon their shoulders and Columbus noted the similarities between the monkey and their owners.

Eventually Columbus was taken to the great tower where he noted the guards had bronze armour, bronze masks, bronze maces, bronze shields and short bronze swords. Columbus met what he viewed as the king of Japan whom he calls Urzazanzen. He is described as taller than the other children, rather large with muscle, tanned skin, long black hair streaked with blonde and tied back. His face seemed typical of his people with high cheeks, thin long lips and round amber eyes, his beard was also rather large compared to the others.
He dressed in a long blue robe of many layers decorated with gold and by his side was a mace with a handle carved with pictures of what seemed like mythology, the mace's head was rather simple and bronze.

Columbus writes that he became friends with the king though he had great trouble understanding the strange language of the people and found it difficult to replicate the sounds.
When Columbus explained that he was an explorer and mentioned his ship and the sea's he was shown the map which he copied down and realized that he was certainly far from Asia.

The king tells Columbus that he is part of the only notable civilization in the world named Ruugh Dadana founded by Aozen son of the last hero on Earth thousands of years ago but the empire is now divided into many different political identities. Upon enquiring about the other lands the king tells Columbus that they're is not much to them, many ride horses and raid one another whilst others farm or farm and hut and engage in uncivilized warfare.

Columbus spent some more months travelling this empire discovering even grander cities and learning about their culture.
They say that before Aozen the people that inhabit the empire today lived like the barbarians of today, always involved in savage wars with one another until Aozen and his companions united the many tribes of his region (Panama) and selected only the best warriors to fight. This army proved to be unbeatable by anyone and the whole world was conquered, but Aozen had a great enemy in the form of Nenehneh or the Moon. Nenehneh sent many of his servants down to destroy Aozen's empire but he had a plan of his own to take the fight to Nenehneh. His plan was a giant balloon to fly to Nenehneh's realm and put him to sleep, so Aozen flew up but never came back again. Some believed that he was killed but many believe that he continues to fight Nenehneh, many future brave warriors would go to help Aozen's battle over the years and none would come back.

With Aozen's death barbarity began to creep back into the world and his descendent squabbled over the empire. Over the years the realm of civilization shrunk and grew as different kings rose up and conquered all the others and so forth whilst barbarism continued to grow.

Which brings us to 1492 and the Divided Empire is a collection of kings ruling over fairly large realms to simple city states. All these rulers are related and their subordinates claim descendent from Aozen.

In reality as you can imagine the tale of Aozen is simple myth. There may have been a might warlord back in perhaps 700 BC or 600 BC when farming began appearing in Central America but he just conquered probably a fairly small area whilst his descendents would of conquered more. He certainly wouldn't of died by trying to get to the moon either as the Ninos hadn't invented flight yet. Also he would never have fought how the Ninos of 1492 thought fighting should be, instead he probably fought like everyone else so to modern Ninos the barbaric way.
Never the less most elites of the Divided Empire certainly were related.

Their warfare was certainly strange which Columbus simplified that only knights could fight and the commoners could fight in the case of a Holy War. However generally only the elites would fight but commoners also could if an elite summoned them to do so and if the enemy agreed to allow the commoner to fight, also females could fight but largely only did so in defence and especially of the "rearing houses" as Columbus called them. As for these Holy Wars you could call them that but say if one king called it he would be punished fairly quickly by other kings, so its a community decision pretty much if there is a large external threat and it rarely happens. Also you could have a cunning king use his commoners for war but you will find the priestess having him removed from power and the commoners themselves would refuse to fight for a kings ambition.

In a way this does mean that the rule is also enforced by the commoners, but overall warfare is seen as a thing only nobility should do and its to do with what death is.
To put it simply death to Ninos is a good thing and according to them heres how.

In the beginning of time all things of the Earth were intertwined shapeless thing that was endlessly awake but eventually they decided to blot out the light by building a house, so they built it and sealed it shut. Once inside they slept until the humans or Araghharagh (which is kind of similar to the Capuchin warning sound for snake) came and broke a hole in the roof with their clubs. So as light poured in the beings inside were forced to wake up and the light separate them into different beings causing distrust and lies. The creatures found they could just sleep at night but the light of the stars kept them awake.

The humans entered into the house and began hunting the animals so that their numbers greatly diminished. Eventually the animals called a meeting and elected the Ninos to drive from the world and so the war with humans began. Although the Ninos could fight the humans during the day they couldn't at night because they could not see in the dark like the humans could, so the hero Nyanyanyan stole the fire which the humans used to see in the night and so they could fight at night.

Over the years the war was very intense and only the greatest Ninos who became heroes survived waging epic battles with the humans using superhuman abilities and shaping the landscape.
Eventually the heroes defeated the humans and set about the grand task fixing up the hole. But they became weary of the world with lack of sleep and unhappy that their was no mates for them and sick of each others company. Eventually 12 of them had enough of the world and flew out of it founding their own kingdoms in distant lands where they were worshipped as Gods.

One rather evil hero however who planned to fly away called Nenehneh was persuaded by humans when he was up in space to form the Moon and shine brightly on the world at night as to keep the animals awake even more.

The heroes that remained on the Earth decided to take the "hairy children" as their mates (Capuchins) and thus the Ninos continued and so did life on Earth and that is the creation story.

As for its meaning its largely a shared memory by all the Ninos of the arrival of humans and how they hugely changed their world and left a massive scar on the species. Ninos would of been fairly primitive when humans arrived and overall living naturally but humans changed all that and the humans show that with a hole being made in the house and the wish to return to normal before the humans came. The actually hole as you can guess is the sky, the sky was probably used as a representation of their lives being turned upside down because the Ninos would of been easier to be seen in the day or a clear night so they view the complete darkness as good or "sleep", i.e the old ways but overtime its meanings become rather bad.

As for the hunting of animals Ninos would of probably never hunted before humans came since they are naturally much more herbivores and when humans came along and began their intense hunting the Ninos saw it as unnatural so began associating themselves with the animals around them and probably learned domestication at the same time. As for the fire thing its pretty clear that Ninos gained fire from us.

As for the general war its simple Ninos overall beating back humans but the whole concept of very very few Ninos and mating with Capuchins is pure fantasy. As for on the map where it says "Human Land" they aren't really sure if there are still humans there or not. You may also be thinking that they should think Columbus is a human then but certainly initially they don't think the Europeans are since the humans they encountered were just stone age Turkic peoples.

And as for death it is considered proper sleep so to kill someone is a special thing and that is why people randomly killing each other is very frowned upon and you will also find criminals will never get executed but kept alive in horrible conditions, also hence why the guards who came to see Columbus's ship had simple clubs rather than anything sharp.

Columbus also noted that there were some pretty big differences between the elites and commoners. Though he described the two has being equally ugly he noted that the elites had lighter skin, less hair, more had amber eyes, were larger and taller with larger canines and smaller noses than the commoners.

The commoners seemed to be living a much more primitive life style according to Columbus especially the ones in the countryside who simply lived in huts, had no clothes and didn't partake in many complex or intellectual activities, some also seemed to speak a separate language from their overlords. The commoners within the cities with skilled trades or merchants were much more civilized than their countryside brethren, wearing clothes and the like.

In all walks of Ninos life Columbus was puzzled with the fact the Ninos being married had little affect on their actual love lives as they took other partners as well and dissolved marriages as if it were nothing, marriages overall seemed to be based on politics rather than love.
When it came to children the fathers have little to do with them with the mothers raising them among the country folk with it being quite a bit of a community effort. In the cities this communal raising of children happened in what Columbus called the "Child Houses". Within these buildings mothers of the city would gather over watched by lesser members of the Priestess and raise their children together along with teaching them things.

As for the elite children they had their own "Child Houses" where the Priestess raise them. The buildings are very grand and are within the palace of a ruler, the priestess are all female elites with the top female within the Priestess are automatically married to the king in what is a glorification of a very simple thing which has been with the Ninos from the beginning when the alpha males and alpha females would be married. The lesser priestess are then married to the kings subordinates and sometimes commoners since the Ninos trace their lineage through their mothers so the child would still be nobility. This does mean that most of them are related, but the Ninos don't really mind incest as long as its not the parents and their child.
The female elites stay in the Child Houses as well generally but if they are married they may stay in their husbands apartment or he may still in hers. The males stay near the king with their own apartments. Overall even the lifestyle of the elites despite all their wealth is pretty communal.

Despite Columbus knowing that he had not discovered Asia he still thought he was fairly close. He suspected that the new land was connected to Asia via the Aragharagh Ween and was an fairly isolated peninsula of Asia and that the semi-mythological invasions were the Chinese. Columbus changed his theory later claiming that the Chinese conquered the area and interbred with the Capuchins to create the Ninos as half human half monkey hence their appearance but level of civilization.

According to Columbus the children had little idea of what Columbus but most assumed he was a servant from one of the heroes realms.

At the end of his second voyage he left 30 men on Cuba to learn the language and culture better of the people and returned to Europe where he made copies of his map and his notes.
Columbus made 4 more trips in the fourth he tried to go around South America and establish settlements which he believed was much smaller than it was. This error cost him his life.

The Spanish sent traders towards the Divided Empire but they found the region didn't have to much to trade and the gold was largely not for sale so Spain put more effort into sailing around South America to reach Asia but that didn't stop people looking to rip the gold off the Divided Empires buildings.

The conquest was almost entirely the result of various conquistadors and mainly had to do with personal ambition. European traders began appearing in the New Worlds ports and were soon followed by those with the arms and hunger for gold. Most of the initial attacks were aimed at the city states with the Spanish exploiting the ritual warfare. They claim to be knights and challenge the king and his elite soldiers to combat and generally defeat them with guns and better weapons thus putting the conquistador as the head of the city. Though the average population didn't disagree with it that much initially the Priestess often did resulting in many a conqueror being killed or the Priestess fighting the Europeans.

It wasn't long before great distrust came of the Europeans, specially when buildings were desecrated and the population were forced to do labour for the Spanish. Still Spain conquered many more Ninos before the various factions of the divided empire came under Neerugh, a powerful king from central Mexico. But by that time all the islands were under Spanish control and the southern areas of the empire hardly recognized Neerugh's authority and remained divided among themselves.

The southern areas proved to initially be easy to conquer as the kings continued to fight the "noble" way. But those who learned the error of their ways quickly fled the cities with the Priestess and many commoners into the difficult mountain terrain where they continued to fight the Spanish for many years yet.

Neerugh expanded his realm with the use of commoners as soldiers and conquered the Yucatan peninsula at the same time as the Spanish gained a foothold on the peninsula and so the king was fighting a 2 way war with the Spanish. The Spanish were having a hard time of their own subduing the Americas and the attempts to attack Neerugh from the south were not going well as they were constantly raided by Ninos guerilla fighters, the Yucatan foothold however was having more success.

Within a year Neerugh had aided the guerilla fighters secured all of Central America, however already being a bit of an old man for a Ninos at 41 he died leaving his forces cut off from the new central command with his eldest son Salereeh in Central Mexico.
The Spanish took this opportunity to land on the Mexican coast and made alliances with the Desert People and Salereeh's enemies. The Spanish took the capital area with ease since it was undefended and presented Salereeh with conditions of peace, he would accepted Christianity, pay tribute to Spain in the form of gold, allow Spanish settlers on his land, he would be given all the recent land he had gained, made ruler of the Desert People, and accept the Spanish rulers as their overlords.
Salereeh accepted rather easily not just because of the risk of getting killed but according to the Spanish he was a wise man who realised his situation and accepted God. God could certainly and easily did fit into the Ninos mindset having no God figure he could be implemented with little change to their beliefs. They did also accept that the Europeans were humans but decided to cast their creation story aside keeping the heroes and the war with the humans that was for centuries still thought to be the Chinese and the Ninos tried to be accept as humans as well.
As for territory Salereeh gained by his standards it was a very big territory and he would be remembered as reuniting the Divided Empire.

The tribute system caused many of the former great buildings to be stripped of their gold and overall the old architecture began to fade in the wake of European styles. The females were the most against the Europeans as the communal child rearing was frowned upon and the role of the Priestess began to diminish. As for marriages they tried to keep them in line with Christianity but they often went back into the old ways.

As for the warriors of the realm they found allot of employment with either "conquering" the desert (a prolonged lazy conquest) or serving the Spanish and later other Europeans. Because of their aggressive nature and strength the Spanish used the elite as shock troops first against the Mountain People and later in Europe. In Europe many brought their wife with them and as the warriors came in groups they began to form communities in Europe on land they were given or in cities or settle in other parts of the Europeans empires. People were puzzled at why the Ninos couldn't produce children with everyone else so they related to Columbus tale that they were half monkey and the idea that Ninos were simple monkeys persisted.

The biggest thing however that the Ninos civilization brought was flight. Flight for the Ninos was fairly simple in the form of gliders or balloons which generally launched off the tall towers, the whole reason for their creation was religious and other than they weren't really used much. However the war with the Spanish brought gliders into use in warfare for flanking in mountainous areas but these glider groups could never have large amounts of soldiers so they weren't that common either. Europeans never used them much either when they found them nor for a long time after mainly as their equipment was to heavy for gliders and the balloons were hardly realized until much later.
Overall Ninos were discredited for their achievements however and many fanciful tales were made but the recurring themes were the Ninos heroes were an advance human civilization who invented flight and created the grand structures. The Chinese invasions (later when Chinese history was studied the society was considered to have collapsed) then wrecked much of the empire and vastly reduced the population until they were simple barbarians and in their barbarity mixed with the Capuchins to produce the Ninos who tried to imitate the former rulers with the elites having the most human in them compared to the commoners. The Ninos towers could of been something like the pyramids in terms of wonders of the world but there were too many of them, attempts at taking them down have almost always ended in disaster with many deaths as people got crushed. So in many cities without skyscrapers remain dominated by the now stone shells. Some however have been reused for various uses.

As for the other Ninos societies they were never really given the liberty of getting a negotiation however lucky for them and all Ninos they didn't get ravaged by disease like our Native Americans also they were much better equipped generally.
But their fates shall be discussed in the next deviation along with other things.
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