Witchpunk- Surtr Picture

Surtr is a Witchpunk- That being, a Stitchpunk whose soul is hitched to his body by means other than the original Source- talisman.

To be more specific, Surtr's soul was attached to the body through non-alchemical means, old arcane 'witchcraft' discovered by a historian who foresaw the coming of the machine. Unfortunately by the time he was able to consolidate the information needed for the ritual into one place the Machine had already all but taken over. Surtr was one of his creations.

Surtr was named after a Fire Jotun, giants in norse mythology. The sword on his forehead is a symbol of Surtr. Personality wise, Surtr is much like a fire himself. Wild, unpredictable, and eternally greedy. Surtr is a rogue agent; He's fickle and does whatever he wants whenever he wants.

He's also a man of weapons; Surtr enjoys FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! He's got a humongous amount of ways to start it and humongous amounts of passion for it. He has a combustible fluid that he keeps in a can in his stomach; He can regurgitate a tube into his mouth, and pull the fabric of his lower lip down over his chin. There's a gap in his jaw for the tube, too. He can click his jaw, ignite a spark, and fire a stream of liquid-like fire (Think the Monstrous Nightmare from HTTYD) that, although not particularly ranged, burns clean through a good amount of stuff.

And of course his flamethrower arm! It's a can of aerosol modified with an intake valve for gasoline on the right side of it and a backup canister port on the left. Then there's that pretty black side of his torso, which is naturally sandpaper. He carries a bunch of long-shaft matches that he can ignite with that sandpaper.

His teeth are made of flint, too, and the tips of his fingers are fire-retardant for when he needs to put a fire out. He is very handy with the matches, too- He likes to use them as bo-staffs and even though they're fragile he enjoys beating the crap out of people with them.

Surtr effectively needs to regurgitate the tube in his stomach for it to be of use- His stomach is made of fireproof fabric, so if somebody gives him a good one in the gut he's lost his backup weapon. His arm detaches at the elbow but it's hard tacked to his shoulder, so he can ditch his gun but his upper arm is a keep.

Surtr has had a lot of tragedy in his life- His creator dead, his friends supposedly dead, and on top of it all he just can't catch a break. But he makes up for it with booze and women and as much money and power as he can rake in, and he'll do whatever he wants to do for forever. Until he burns to death.

But overall he's a decent person, given the fact that he always sees a profitable outcome for himself by saving others. Surtr, as a stitchpunk not created by the Talisman, has certain irregularities in his soul. It bursts out at random times and manifests as an incredibly hot wave of heat. Oftentimes uncontrollable, every time he forces it out he loses a year or two of his life. To date he's only needed to use it three times.

So yeah, that's Surtr.

Voice Actor: Charlie Sheen *Headshot*
ACTUAL Voice Actor: Kevin Conroy (Bruce Wayne voice)
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