Titan Picture

Engine 55, Titan, is a VERY BIG ENGINE, a hybrid between (ummm? walrus? NO! A kind of humanoid) and a giant shuttle. This engine was based on a race of giants in Greek Mythology with the same name, Titan. Titan was race of powerful giants i Greek Mythology, descendants of Gaia and Uranus, that ruled during Golden Age. Titan was divided into 2 main groups, Titan, the male one, and Titaness, the female Titan. Leader of Titans was Cronus, wife of Rhea, a Titaness. One of the famous Titan is Atlas, which depicted as the Titan who carried the earth. As the name and myth requests, Titan was the largest among all Engines. Titan was the guardian of the space and could carry ALL main 12 engines on his body. Who owns him, he had a VERY BIG BODY? Well, the Go-Ongers owned him, while the Red owned the head, the Blue owned the main body, the Yellow with the back-upper part, green and black with the back-lower part. The gold and wings with his wings.
RPM Name: Atlas Carrier

Go-Onger (c) Toei.
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