Enid Picture

The universe existed purely as a bleak stream of conscious. It was many but one. They knew everything that had become, which resulted in them, a pure form of connected awareness. But you see, having so much knowledge is boring because there was nothing to do with it, so these consciences broke from each other and made physical vessels to separate themselves, to have a sense of individuality. Emptiness is quite dull so it did not take long to start creating.
From this, they began to create. The more they created the more attachment they felt, and with this attachment came a sense of emotional connection, far different from the icy universe they were born into. You see, they knew everything that was, but they could not predict what would come to be with their creations, this gave them pleasure: the uncertainty of it.
They set aside part of their domain as grounds to let their creations roam free, a place to experiment. The entry way into this domain was a whirlpool gate where they could drop their creations in. They became the guardians of this realm they bore.

Enid was one of these guardians. She was fascinated with the creations of her elder siblings. Though they were beautiful, they were also hollow. Enid wanted to create something different, so she ripped pieces of her sister's Aurora Borealis and folded these strips into shapes. Though the beautiful lights could no longer be seen across the universe, they existed within the forms of Enid's creations. With the touch of her fingertips Enid gave part of herself to these creations, which enabled them to evolve on their own. It was the first time that a creation could change without forceful aid from the guardians, and this was the beginning of
To us, these creations of Enid's were the buds of nature that exist in our world today. Once these flowers of hers died, the spirit she put into creating them cycled back into her and she could feel in such a way never before conceived. Even though the guardians were physically separated, they were all spiritually connected and shared in these feelings. The idea of struggling for life and fighting for existence had never been experienced by these immortal beings. It was different, it was exciting, it was vulnerable, it made them want to create higher life. There was beauty found in such a transitory nature, that it was decided no life of their creation should be eternal.


Yo, guess who is failing at sleeping AGAIN. Awhile ago, I made this super elaborate creation story attempting to rationalize the theory of existence and life in my own mythological way. I decided to make this a really REALLY long illustrated series and it's funny because I'm going out of order (hopefully I'll do the rest chronologically) but I came up with the idea when I was sketching this drawing ^^ I was just thinking about origami lotuses (I was watching Sherlock) and them evolving into real ones, and blah blah blah some overthinking later I came up with this massive madness (sorry not sorry for the giant wall of text). Hopefully I can get all these illustrations out, I've got them all sketched out and the story thought out so I'm excited
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