KAS Dedun Picture

Name: Dedun

Factions: Rogue

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Kaiju Rank: 4


Height: 35 meters (at the shoulder)

Length: 75 meters

Weight: 42000 tons


Osteokinesis: Dedun, somehow due to his mutation, was born able to utilize his skeletal structure as a weapon. His bones, already sturdy, can be augmented by the lions own creativity, which is surprisingly high. The most common weaponizations are known as The manticore, the sharpening and reinforcing of the tip of the tail, and the 'Kitchen Kissers', where his teeth and claws are lengthened and strengthened to archaic proportions. These tips are sharpened to almost obsidian qualities, and can give most kaiju deep wounds.

Poison Odor: The chemicals Dedun emits when tired, excited, or frustrated have different effects on those in close proximity. Humans too close are helpless to the effects, but most kaiju have enough time to get out of range before it becomes a problem. Oddly enough, the beast is quite immune to these effects, and they are theorized to be released subconsciously.

When angered, toxins are emitted that cause inhibition to drop and libido to rise, causing any nearby to become 'blood drunk' as field kaijuologist Frank Seltzer put it. This makes most opponents who fight him lose self control and throw themselves recklessly into combat. Many of the more combative kaiju that have discovered this have become quite addicted to the sensation and will often pick a fight with the lion or aid him against opponents so that the euphoria can be experienced again.

When excited, such as before a hunt, the chemicals he exudes carry powerful sedative properties, causing the prey or target to become lethargic. This is the easiest of the chemicals to notice and counteract, so many monsters only fall for this once.

When tired, his body naturally releases chemicals containing powerful neurotoxins, which can cause those nearby to be able to move. This has made close proximity to humans a difficult prospect, though most kaiju learn to avoid the sleeping cat after making the mistake of getting too close.

Intelligence: Dedun, much like his counterpart Garm, is surprisingly smart, able to read body language to an extent unseen.

Strength: The lion mutation is more than capable of muscling up to among the largest of monsters, able to lift much more than his own weight is his jaws, a trait commonly found in the leopard.

Multi-Faceted: Due to the mixed DNA of other cat species, Dedun is able to climb structures large enough to support him, swim through large body's of water, and jump more than twice his own height at a standstill.


Zero Elemental Resistance: Dedun is powerful and brave, but he can only take so much damage from elemental barrages.

Proud and Stubborn: The lion, much like his canid counterpart, will not pull away from a fight. Also, he operates very much so by his own principles, often forgoing instructions of mankind if he feels he has a better idea.

Frisky Feline: There have been reported sightings of the lion batting his paws at cars and amusement park rides. . .

Personality: Dedun is a true cat when it counts, and often will forgo a fight to take a nap in the shade of a cliffside. But, he also has an intensively combative side, with a fight record of a multitude of opponents. He is far from mindless, though, and has made many strategic movements to lure opponents to his own advantage. And, he is more than capable of showing compassion, often fighting in defense of those who cannot fight for themselves or alongside those who look like they need a hand. He judges this on instinct, though, so he only aids those he feels who need it.

History: When Manticore Inc. began working on the Enigma testing that led to the creation of the champion Garm, the world took nothing more than a little notice, as though they doubted what they could do. When the project succeeded, though, the company soared upwards in recognition, and they recieved many requests to send the 'happy hound of hell' out to the places near their homes where kaiju could be found. They complied, of course, but a hitch was encountered. The dog was powerful and intimidating, and only a few monsters felt confident enough to actually engage him. Garm dealt fine with what he could get, (his fight with Mizzy in particular, he never stopped wagging his tail the entire time) but over time the lack of fights for the dog was beginning to get to him. The scientists behind the project noticed a little too late as the dog began chasing cars and howling at the moon at every night, causing complaints from the local populace. The scientists of Manticore consulted a dog psychology expert, who had a simple answer. 'The dog, no matter how big a dog, still feel restless. He needs stimulation.'

Eager to overcome the dogs imbalance and boost his sinking Public popularity, the people at the lab began brainstorming, but then one of their older members, Dr. Seamus Wolfe, brought up the idea of creating a creature for him to spar with, or even better chase around to boost his spirit. A little too eager to test out the idea, they allowed Dr. Baahir Williams, one of their more soft-spoken but talented members, to take the mantle, which he said would be handled by him alone.

He began working in secret, his mind mulling over the many possibilities. He had never spoken out much in the planning meetings, but he had a lot to say. He always found the whole idea of Garm odd, as a company with a name like Manticore jumping to the idea of working with a dog seemed out of character and indeed strange. He held no grudge for it, but he preferred a much more interesting approach to a defender.

He worked with the DNA of a cat to begin with, which the other scientists found out about and praised for the iconic value the creature would have for PR. He let them go on thinking that, and continued in silence for many days, which turned into weeks. The people of Manticore awaited eagerly, but they agreed to give the reclusive man his space, they knew it was how he worked best but held no grudge.

At last the day came where the beast would be unleashed. Garm could immediately smell a new presence nearby, and showed intense excitement, almost too much excitement, as Dr. Williams presented his new project. A large hatch door opened, and a rusty orange cat about 20 meters tall stepped out into the open world. The scientists marvelled at the look it had, praising Dr. Williams, but then Garm surprised them all by charging the beast like he was possessed. The cat jumped clean over the dog as it crashed into the side of the compound, and landed cleanly dozens of meters away. The scientists were surprised at this, they had never seen Garm act this way and were curious as to how that was, he had fought felid monsters before and remained himself, but this was completely unheard of. The cat was then locked away by Dr. Williams as Garm was given time to recover.

Dr. Wolfe confronted Dr. Williams, asking him what he had done, but he had no explanation for Garm's behavior. Regardless, they questioned him until he decided to give away the process of the cat's creation. He had indeed worked with feline DNA, but he did not reveal what kind. Unlike Garm, which was an enigma mutated Doberman, the cat was an amalgam of the DNA of many of Africa's cat species, with lion being the forefront. He was still a juvenille, but he demonstrated prowess unheard of, but then Dr. Williams got a little too spirited. . .

Claiming the lion was the true champion of Manticore, he railed the men of the company for their attachment to the power pooch, and that it was a ludicrous idea to work with a dog to be a monster. He didn't necessarily mean everything he said due to the emotion of the moment, but he did raise quite a bit of ire. Manticore, unanimously, decided to fire the man and destroy the cat before it got too big, a prospect Dr. Williams would have none of.

That night, Dr. Williams broke into Manticore inc., knowing full well the security cameras would catch him. He approached the young lion, telling it to do what it felt was right, like he taught him too during the weeks of growth the lion spent with the doctor. He had been taught much like Garm had been, to protect, but he knew the lion would never achieve the level of love the dog would, and told him to protect and guard from afar, like a vigilant guardian would. He opened the containment doors, and the lion, a little reluctant, stepped out into the wilds.

Only to be greeted by Garm, who had been awoken by Dr. William's entrance. The lion, still a little smaller than the dog, entered a defensive stance, but the dog only wagged its tail and whined confusedly. The lion was surprised, but he could tell Garm meant no harm and the attack before was not on his mind at all. As the lion left, Garm followed for a short time, but eventually returned to Manticore.

The next day, Dr. Williams was arrested for breaking in, but as he made his way out, he simply stated, 'Dedun reigns free. . .' as he was carted away.

Over the next few months, reports went out about a giant lion rampaging in the wilds, having encounters with kaiju such as Spartacus and the Tyrant squad and somehow escaping. The details were scarce, but the descriptions were about the same. It wasn't until a routine bit of destruction on part of Kayundjin, who had been requested to destroy the building of a business that had failed to collect its 'protection fee,' that people saw the lions true defending nature. Full grown at 35 meters, the big cat selflessly lunged in after the djinn, successfully frightening him off due to superficial resemblance to the water lynx that had beaten him before. The people slowly started to accept the lion, but he never got too close to human settlements, a strange thing to many a civilian. Andrew Arden, who controlled Unum in a small scrap with it in the Midwest, stated the lion was not evil in the least, but actually was fairly valiant by monster standards.

Kaijuologists the world over thought the beast was truly unique, his origins a complete mystery to the public. But, in the days that were to come, the lion would be tested in ways no one thought could happen. But that is a story for another day. . .


Awright, finally back in th KAS game! Its been a while, but I've had some good time on my hands and have decided to spend the day going about and catching up with all the new entries, as well as adding a few more of my own. I am feeling a lot better now (I caught a flu bug but managed to beat it off before it got bad) and have been thinking a lot lately as to what to bring in now that I've filled in one of each major kaiju niche.

Dedun is one of my own favorite creations, so I decided to bring him in via
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