Your name is ADRIEL CHARON Picture

Yes this is a fantroll.
No it is not perfect.
No you do not need to say so.

Her symbol is that of Pluto, who is Hades in Greek mythology. That might explain some of her quirks once I post her introduction page ref sheet thing.

Yes I know that Pluto's got another symbol that is like a... P with a line under it but fuck that this one is more attractive.

Her eyes in the base are supposed to be black I just added the gray to give them a little bit of like... depth I guess. So no she's not a sue with "colored" eyes or anything just saying even if gray isn't really a color.

I based her horns on her symbol the two long curved ones on top are the like... giant arm thing and the ones on the bottom are the little line across the other thing... It's hard to explain.

The little sprite thing sucks ik but fuck it.

Her blood color is also close to Vriska's because Pluto's associated Zodiac is Scorpio.


Adriel (c) Me
Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie whose name I keep thinking is David for some reason.
Bases (c) ~Ximona [link]
and ~themaker360 [link]
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