Adar Llwch Gwin Picture

A mythical bird as made in Spore.

The Adar Llwch Gwin is a giant bird akin to the Griffin from Welsh Mythology. It's featured in the story about the warrior Drudwas who was given a few of these large eagles by his fairy wife. These birds possess the ability to understand human speech and will obey any order given by their masters.

In Drudwas tale he challenged King Arthur to a fight. The field of battle is appointed and so is the time. Confident he would not be the first there Drudwas told his birds to attack and kill the first person to arrive on the field of battle.

Arthur, whom Drudwas thought would be the first to arrive got held up and was delayed. As such Drudwas was the first to arrive and was thus carried away and slain by his birds. They only stopped when they realized in was their master they had killed. By then it was too late for they had slain the warrior.

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