Audumbla Picture

Auðumbla ( Audumbla, Ödhumla) is the primeval cow of Nordic mythology.

She was created in the beginning of time in the void Ginungagap from the mists made by the fire of Muspelheim and the ice of Nifelheim, as was the first giant, Ymer. Four rivers of milk flowed from her udders and on that milk Ymer fed.

Audumbla was nourished by licking a salty, rime-covered stone. The first day she licked the stone, hair could be seen; the second day, a head and the third day a complete man. This was Bure. He would become the grandfather of Wotan (Oden), Vile and Ve.

The cow can symbolise the great mother goddess in old religions (i.e. Hathor in Egyptian religion). There are some interesting parallels to Audumla and Ymer in Vedic and Zoroastrian mythology.

The creation myth in Nordic mythology seams to have roots that go very deep.

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