Anti Twlight Stamp Picture

The book views the following in a positive light:

- Beauty is what is important. (Outer appearance is the only meaningful thing in a human being, personality, opinion, or the makings of the inner mind have nothing to do with friendships or relationships or being human at all.)
- Arranged "marriages".
- Child brides (imprinting).
- Controlling behavior.
- Stalking.
- Teenage pregnancy (yes, eighteen is still a teenager. "Legal adult" doesn't cut it. Most eighteen year old's do not have enough worldly experience to take care of a child, let alone the maturity.)

A couple of other things that are seen as big positives in a relationship:

- "Real" men are violent predators that women tempt.
- "Real" men are the decision makers.
- Your husband/boyfriend is worthy of worship.

The book is also very demeaning to women.

- Women are chattel.
- Weakness is prized in women.
- Women tend to be taken over by base instincts and it is up to the man to keep her under control. (See the non-sex scenes in the book and movie.)

But what about Meyer herself?

- Meyer is a Mormon, and the book teaches Mormon beliefs. Or, does it...? Somethings appear to be of the Christian faith, but are they all? Nope! Most are rather hypocritical. Case in point: Meyer also claims to be anti-human (along with Bella), but if this is so, then she is ultimately anti-Jesus and anti-God, as Jesus is human and God is the creator of the human form. Thus, she should either be making a damn good excuse, or she should be excommunicated.

- The book is about Meyer from Meyer's perspective. Meyer is Bella, in every way, shape, and form. Everything from train of thought to appearance, Meyer is Bella. Hell, Meyer even had the dream that caused her to write the books, and anyone taking classes in basic psychology can tell you that dreams are the windows to our subconscious.

- She is a dreadful writer, that can't put words into better phrases than a thirteen year old writing their first short story for English class. Purple prose and lengthy descriptions with repetitive phrases and words. If you want a classic, go read Tolkien or Richard Adams or Lewis, seriously. Meyer is not creative, she is not a genius, she is not original. AT ALL.

- She can't pick up an Encyclopedia to do simple research. One example of many idiot mistakes: Bella drives her truck on black ice. One, you cannot see black ice (which, in telling from first person, she would have had to have seen it to know it was there at all). Two, you can't drive on black ice.
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