Valhalla-Light Elves from Alfheim Picture

These are your typical Light Elves from the Realms of Alfheim. Light Elves height go as tall as 5'5-6'4, same as the Dark Elves. Their Skin is a Very Light Peach, almost white. Their Hair is either White, Gold, Very Light Gold, Platinum Blonde, or Silver. Their Hair is Very Long and Straight, they rarely have it tied, if it is they are either in a half pony tail, or the hair has some braids in it. Their Eyes are either Blue, Green, Sky Blue, Aqua Green, Gold, or Silver. Their Outfits are always White with Gold Lining or Gold Design on them, their Jewelry is also Gold. They do not wear anything Dark, their jewelry is also bright in colors. Their clothes are Lightly Tight, but still Loose and Flowing, showing elegance, they would also show some heels, the men also have some heels on their shoes, but not long enough so that they do not get mistaken for the women in their realms, the women would always wear high heels to show elegance, grace, and femininity. Light Elves only have four fingers, not five. The Light Elves are only proficient in Archery and Magic, magic especially. They specialize in Healing, Elemental, and Alchemy. Demonology if they wish to learn more of it. Close Combat is not their specialty, so they stick to bows from Recurve to Crossbows. Unlike the Dark Elves, the Light Elves are pretty reliant on Magic when it comes to Fighting, so you will see them have some sort of Scepter or Staff on them. Light Elves also love to learn so they are very wise and knowledgeable. They are strict when it comes to books and learning.

Self Critique:
Yay my Light Elves are done, now all that is left are the dwarfs and the many, many giants I am thinking up. I wanted to make the Light Elves show some heavenly essence to them, along with elegance. I definitely wanted them to be a lot different than the Dark Elves when it comes to combat. I also wanted them to have a royalty vibe, pretty much, the Light Elves are the Snobs and the Dark Elves are the I wouldn't say poor, but . . . dammit I forgot what the word is. Oh well, I hope you guys know what I mean.

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