PHOCT Cast - Loki Picture

NOTE: This is an alternate version of the character sheet, for people that need more room to explain their character. Please note that ALL SECTIONS must be covered!

Loki is a trickster, through and through. He loves a good laugh at another's expense, the thrill of pulling off a difficult stunt, the rush of a secret kept. Minister of Schadenfreude, there are few things he won't do for a prank. In fact, one could say he is nearly compelled to mess with people. It's habitual, even if, in the long run, it will come back to bite him. The old man just can't help himself!

That's not to say he's heartless! While Loki does have a fairly laissez faire attitude towards most things, he does feel emotion and can have moments of regret or contrition. In fact, sometimes he will go out of his way to make things up to those he feels, in his warped standards, he's wronged. Whether they WANT it or NOT!


Right now, the only thing Loki cares about is having a good time. And getting his oh-so-serious daughter to have fun for once in her life! When he heard that she was headed to Hades, he thought it would be an excellent time for them to have some long-overdue father-daughter bonding time!

Prophecy long ago warned that at the time of Ragnarok, Loki would escape his prison and fight against the gods with giants at his side, until he is felled by Heimdallr. Well, he's out! So far…no Ragnarok! Weird, huh? But no, Loki swears that he has no interest in end-of-the-world nonsense, or an epic battle with giants and gods. Oh no, he's retired, you see. All he wants is a nice, long, and restful vacation with his favorite daughter.

What? Don't you trust him??

Lok is a seam-less shape-shifter, but his most dangerous weapons by far are his clever mind and sharp tongue.  He is a master of loop-holes, manipulation, and the best damn liar you will ever meet. Even when you know, with absolute certainty, that he is up to something and not to be trusted, he will find a way to convince you that this time, he's turned over a new, honest, leaf. He's always ready with a comeback, and his insults are scorching.

Part of what makes Loki so good at what he does is he knows in a look which people he can manipulate, and which he has to move around. Loki goes with the flow, taking the easy marks, and for the tough nuts he simply arranges everything around them so they take the fall, even if they think they've seen through his trickery.

Loki is well-known for a variety of mischief. Oh, the tales he can (and often will) tell! Convincing Thor to cross-dress in order to recover his stolen hammer (now THAT is a fun story). An awkward business about stopping a wall being built, that somehow (the details aren't all THAT important) ended up with him being pregnant and giving birth to an eight-legged horse. Causing massive fights at the family dinner table…a crime that ultimately got him sentenced to his terrible torment and prison. You'd THINK that it would have been something a little more INTERESTING that earned him such an awful punishment, but his relatives always WERE rather odd...

For example, a much BETTER excuse would have been when he engineered the death of the god Baldr, beloved by (almost) every creature on earth. A pact was made that would have allowed Baldr to live again, if everything, alive and dead, would weep for his passing. However, Loki's daughter Hel kept Baldr in the end, because while steel and stone, mortal and beast, all wept for the loss of great Baldr, a single giantess refused to shed a single tear.

As we mentioned, once Loki caused such trouble that he was bound deep beneath the earth, with a serpent coiled above him to drip corrosive venom into his eyes.  His wife, Sigyn, collected most of the venom in a bowl, but when she had to empty it, the tortured writhing of the god was said to cause earthquakes.

Now he's free. How? Well, that's one story Loki is keeping to himself. For now.


N/A - This section will be necessary for all contestants, but does not apply to the gods. Instead, this section is dedicated to:


Lok can procure any physical item in exchange for help achieving his goal (getting his daughter to loosen up and have fun. Maybe buy a souvenir. Or hook up with somebody. In fact, cracking a smile would be a nice start!). The value of the item will be equal to how much fun Hel appears to have had.

If you think this is going to be an easy task, you CLEARLY have not met his daughter.
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