Saving my Valentine Picture

Hello there!

This is my artwork for S. Valentine's day.

Today I bring you Hades Jr and for the first time in the main gallery, Skadi!

It's really funny for me to draw this couple, because Skadi is actually 50 cm taller than Hades, and has a far stronger and bigger body. Hades and Skadi have a funny love story.

Let's know a little:
"Hades always wanted to marry a pure girl which has never had another guy but him, when Skadi saved him from the giants in the Norse, Hades thought he had hit the jackpot. Although, when he returned to the Norse four years after, he discovered she was married once and had three children. Hades took long to hear Skadi's history and why she had done what she did. In the end, he felt very guilty and accepted her, but their love was responsible for the Nordic-Hellenic war, due to the fact Skadi was married to one of Odin's children, Njord."
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