Loki and Hades Picture

...does anyone else see the similarities between them?

Loki of Marvel's Avengers and Hades of "Clash Of The Titans", two gods, feeling betrayed by their brothers.

Hades is the god of the underworld and the dead, betrayed by his two brothes Zeus (reign over heaven) and Poseidon (reign over the sea). While they receive their immortality from human's praying, Hades just lives from their fear.

Marvels Loki was raised as the prince of Asgard and Thor's brother. Their father Odin prefers Thor as the new king, when Loki finds out that he an adopted frost giant. He feels betrayed by his family who lied to him and fails to impress Odin, while he tries to conquer the throne.

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Loki (c) Marvel
Hades (c) Warner Bros
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