Norse Mythology - Loki Picture

Loki, the Norse god... well, many things. He is most well known as both a trickster and a destroyer, being the instigator of Ragnarok. He is also a god of fire, and in some versions of the Norse creation myth he was one of the three Aesir that helped to create mankind.

In truth, Loki was born of the Frost Giants. Before the coming of man, something happened between him and Odin that convinced the All-Father to form a pact of brotherhood. Ever since, Loki has been considered one of the Aesir.

While there is no explicit timeline to the Norse myths, there seems to be a progression of Loki's character. In the 'earlier' myths he is tricky and scheming, but his jokes are more fun than harm and when he gets the other gods in trouble, he gets them out. Itisn't until a bet goes wrong and the other Aesir laugh at him as he has his mouth sewn shut that he begins to grow malevolent. This would eventually culminate in tricking Hod into killing Baldr, the most beloved of the gods. Loki was greatly punished for this, being tied to a rock while a serpent dripped venom onto his face. he would break free once again at Ragnarok to lead the Jotun in destroying the world.

Loki has no relations among the gods, being descended from the Frost Giants. He is the father of the monsters Fenris and Jormungand, as well as the goddess Hel. In many old stories he was a common traveling companion of Thor, who called him "a lousy god, but a good companion." There seems to have been a kinship between the two, although this is never plainly stated.
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