Naglfar-Full Picture

This is just a low-res view of the full thing, which was done in pen and ink. Just about everything consists of vertical lines--there are a few slanted sections, but they were unintentional. I liked the vertical rhythm in another piece I did, so I used it to do the entire thing here. I'll post a slightly higher-res detail shot next.

This piece is very different for me, because it comes from a very well-established story that is definitely NOT of my making. In Norse mythology, Naglfar was the great gray ship made of the unclipped fingernails and unshorn hair of the dead, fated to be completed at the beginning of the great last battle of Ragnarok, whereupon the evil god Loki and an army of giants would embark on it to invade Asgard (where the Norse gods lived).

I keep my fingernails clipped very, very short, by the way...
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