David Picture

acrylic on wood panel ("frame" also hand-painted), approx. 40.5 x 29cm

Like the David of biblical fame, the David depicted here has been driven to face a gargantuan foe, against all odds. This frightful goliath is kept deliberately outside of the visible scene, so that viewers can interpret as they may...Is it a giant, lumbering, club-wielding ogre from the days of yore?...Or an armoured bulldozer with mounted machine guns, poised to fly the occupier’s flag over rubble that was once someone’s home? There are some subtle and not-so-subtle clues. But either way, the moral of this story, told and retold in the sacred texts of every culture, remains the same - that the humble, rich in spirit and valiant at heart, can vanquish even the mightiest and most well-armed foe.
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