Yggy-B in chains Picture

Oh mah gawd I've been put in chains! Yeah, thats Yggdrisall right there. Perhaps I should clarify where I came up with my name. You see there is this game. It's called "Starcraft". It's a Real Time Strategy, or, RTS, for short.

One of the units in the game is called "Yggdrisall", and it is a Hero unit, rather the "Hero Overlord"... They don't actually use it in the storyline itself, but it's there for anyone who likes to use the Map Editor.

Yggdrisall, from what I've heard is a name is Norse Mythology, meaning Tree of Life... I think. I am probably wrong. But anyways, I love the color blue (Besides Red n Black), and Yggdrisall is my favorite Starcraft unit, though all it does is provide control over you're units, AND floats around... It's pretty much a giant floating brain that acts as a transport... Oh yeah, it has tentacles too!

Time to make: A little while
Inspiration: Look up above dumbarse
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