Dream: The World Tree Picture

Some years ago I had a dream where I was amongst the limbs of a giant tree whose lower reaches were obscured in mists and it seemed to go on forever. It was so large I didn't feel like I was in a tree at all unless I looked over the edge. In a sort of ledge between the great limbs there was a girl I knew and we sat together in this tree talking. I do not recollect what our conversation was about. Nonetheless it was a memorable dream and it has stuck with me.

I have attempted to depict something of that dream here--though the actual tree may have been larger and had grayer bark. Some world cultures have believed in a great tree like this: Yggdrasil in Norse mythology, which contained and connected Hel, Midgard, and Asgard among other realms; in Mayan cosmology the 9 levels of the underworld and the 13 levels of the sky were connected by a great Ceiba tree. As a nod to Norse belief, I included a bit of a deer in the upper-left corner, as Yggdrasil was home to four (as well as a squirrel named Ratatosk, and eagle, a falcon, and a snake among its roots). As to the cooler--I think that was in my dream.

acrylic on canvas panel, 11x14"
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