The Leviathan Project Picture

Sketches of my Leviathan project. We're working on a series of art pieces for our portfolio called a concentration. You concentration is 12 pieces that stick to a theme. My theme is Mythological creatures. Add that to a love of Final Fantasy. Thus, Leviathan, one of my favorite summons. Mrs. Coates (my art teacher, yo) had me do the second one, by the way. Random notes on it. The boxes she has us sketch in are square, yet the boards we work on and giant rectangles that annoy me, so I had to write which way each picture would go. Pastel was the medium I planned to use, but I ended up using prismacolour pencils.
I plan to take a picture of the completed one someday. I tried to scan it, but the board is like, 15'x19 or something like that, so I had to scan like, 12 pieces of it and put them together XD; It looked all misaligned and the scanner killed the colors, so I doubt I'll post it, unless someone wants to see it that much. XD;
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