Bored. Influence Meme Picture

..I was very insanely bored. so I figured. fuck it.

lol I totally ignored the whole. like. trying to keep them in size perimeters.


1.Ranma; Pretty much my first influence ever....was..Ranma1/2.
which explains a lot about me.

2. Kodomo No Omocha; This made me go through a giant shoujo phase in my art when I first started drawing more animeish styles. When I was about 12-13

3. Pocahontas; My favorite movie as a child. and gave/give me inspiration for backgrounds...various different profiles of peopple. etc.

4. WHERE I'VE GROWN UP. We have many a very very pretty picturesque sunsets on our mountain. Not to mention the large amount of water and rainfall that's around here. The thick forests and trees.

5. W. Bouguereau; He also painted one of the more famous pictures, the Birth of Venus. But I prefer this piece. partially because it's on the wall right next to me and ..has been in my house for years *not the real picture of coure XD*
I love old realism pictures~
I think his work is underrated.

6. Tetsuya Nomuras work! From drawn to more realistic works like shown..(I was going to include Kingdom hearts, but I enjoy his drawing style in general, so ...this..was..prettier)

7. UNNNDAA DAA SEEAAA~ .....seriously though. I like underwater world. :'D

8. Mr. Walt Disney; Sure I alreadt included Pocahontas, but I want to include not JUST animated movies of disney, sure..the..newer disney kinda suck (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF PATF)...Walt did amazing work, for animation and the camera.

9. ANCIENT YAOI. wait. Christian Griepenkerl; ..I like his art. And the gayness he draws. REALISTIC gayness. that revoles around mythology~ I love it~

10. Full Metal Alchemist; In my opinion..honestly. if you were to just glance at Hiromu Arakawa's art. it would look very typical. What I respect about her art is the emotion, the action and the differences she puts into her characters. a good 70% of the time when 'm messing around trying to draw fight scenes I think back to like..Ling, Envy, Ed, Ran Fan, Izumi... (envy most of all. if you couldn't tell.)

11. Ancient Egypt. Prettymuch everything about it. From the statues to the ruins to the busts to the papyrus. From the desert itself.

12. Martial Artists! They don't just inspire me in art, but in life. and then make me feel depressed because I can't even touch my toes and these guys and girls can run across walls basically.

13. Katekyou Hitman Reborn; theres things I like and dislike about KHR art. Either way, I've picked up traits from it.
...and the mix of shoujo and shounen styles mixing is lol lovely.

14. Miyazaki. Need I say more. Who doesn't love him?

If I wanted to I would have included another early influence like. Naruto. not so much into it now, but I do appreciate the fact characters usually actually have. like. noses. and..not..little triangles.
and I appreciate alot of things about the avatar the last airbender art (but I had already touched base on martial arts and western styles..)
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