Neonfire Auction 2 entry- Number 2 Picture

I don't know if it's a good idea for him to be trotting through the grass like that... in fact, I can just see the makings of a purple forest fire...XD Anyway, here is my entry for the auction! I hope you like him and his story!

Name: One of these two.... SVADILFARI: Old Norse name meaning "disaster; ill-fated." In mythology, this was the name of a magical stallion belonging to a frost giant. SVERRIR: Old Norse name which means "wild, restless."
Gender: Male
Height: 15 hands
Build?: Sturdy, not quite stocky. Broad bodied. Thick boned. Heavy.
Strengths?: Powerful, great endurance, nice stamina, loyal (once trust earned).
Weaknesses?: Slow, cocky, cruelly playful.

Not a tall horse, but a sturdy, heavy type.

The stallion trotted briskly along the ridge, the light playing on his coal black coat. The blazing fire on his mane, tail, and legs weakened and grew as he ran, the wind battering it back one moment only to fuel it's growth the next. Had he been still, the short flames on his neck may have shrunk to near nothing as it lay against his neck. Piercing emerald eyes glowed in the half light as he looked over the ridge.

There she was...that pesky human again. The girl stood in the middle of the field watching him. She knew he was there among the trees. He came to a halt behind one, looking out from behind it at her. It had been the same everyday for two weeks now. He tolerated the treats left out for him, and ate the hay when he felt like it.

Each day, she came out, left him some food, and waited. Some days it was five minutes, others she stayed out for hours, watching him, sometimes drawing him. He knew what she wanted. She wanted him to come near her; he could read it in her every movement. On this particular day, the girl was out of luck. He was feeling particularly devilish, and had been teasing her by dashing down from the ridge towards her, only to stop half way and make his way back.

Finally the girl set down whatever she had and cried after him angrily, saying "FINE! Stay up there all day if you want, stupid beast!" Her voice broke at the end of her sentence, and she promptly sat down in the grass, her knees drawn up with her arms on them. She buried her face behind her hands and started shaking. Now, he may tease and play tricks all the time, but he didn't like to see anything cry. It made him feel responsible. She had been trying to get him to come to her for two weeks and had never so much as raised her voice at him. Now she was crying in the grass. AND she had called him stupid.

He struggled and debated with himself, but finally his guilt won out. The stallion walked slowly down the ridge and made his was across the grassy expanse. The girl looked up at the sound of hooves on the grass. The stallion stopped about five yards away and looked her dead in the eye.

Don't give up, kid.

Then he trotted away.

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