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Name: Honoo "En" Irobana ( Bright orange flower )
Gender: Female (she be gurl hurhur )
Age: 733 ( Physically looks 18 - 21 )
Date of Birth: June 3rd
Kido: 2
Zanjutsu: 4
Hakuda: 5
Hoho: 2
Acting Skills: 4 (over dramatics EVERYWHERE)
Blood Type: B+ dat RH factor
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 136 Lbs
Appearance: look up above, yo:U

Scars/Markings: she has blue markings on her left arm and under each eye that appeared when she awakened her hollow powers. Normally she uses concealing make up to hide them from public view

Personality: A lively, loudmouthed, funloving individual, Honoo can typically be found in an upbeat mood. She is always rambunctious and seems to suffer from a constant hunger. She is very wary and distrusting of Shinigami and humans alike. Typically Honoo will be very chastising to those she cares for and befriends, making sure they don't get into too much trouble. She is reclusive, but loves company, however she will not seek it out, she's fine either way.

History: Honoo lived in the human world, dying as a child during to fuedal ages. She awoke in the Soul Society, totally unaware of her previous life. She began living with a group of people in the same situation. This is where she got her name, from the color of her hair. Eventually she joined the Thirteen Court Squads where her talent was seen, quickly rising to lieutenant of squad eight. She became good friends with Karyuudo there and continued to live happily until about seventy years ago. At the beckoning of "a man with a permanent grin" she fell into a slumber each night for a week. During each night the slumber grew deeper, and the dreams she had would become increasingly real, culminating in her killing her inner hollow, unbeknownst to her. Eventually she realized all of the dreams were real, and, feeling she brought great shame to the Gotei 13 she resigned. Honoo never discovered who had triggered the dreams or how they were triggered in the first place. She then moved to the human world, living on the streets to get by. Her current whereabouts and activities are unbeknownst to anyone.

Masatsugaisou ( Horse - slaying waterfall )

In sealed form, Masatsugaisou is a wakizashi with no cross gaurd and green clothed hilt.
In spirit form, Masatsugaisou appears to be a young woman with a set of small horns coming from her forhead. She most often sleeps, holding her blade form close to her body.

- Shikai-
"Drown. Masatsugaisou."

Masatsugaisou has control over water and its ability to change between states, however, it may only actively control water in liquid form. It sets up attacks through a series of techniques, utilizing and condensing water vapor from the air around it. From there Honoo uses the zanbattô formed from Masatsugaisou's shikai to slam spirit energy infused water onto opponents.

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