A Hitler from Atlantis Picture

Before i explain the title i shall explain those islands which we shall name Atlantis

The human history starts off rather mysteriously. It is unknown when humans arrived on Atlantis
but during the recent ice age due to lower sea levels the space between the larger islands and the smaller ones was filled with land, rather fertile land too.

Little is known about what happened at the time but civilization certainly seems to have developed perhaps between 30,000 and 10,000 BC. Little is known apart from dubious ruins on the current land whilst some parts of the sea floor between the islands certainly look odd.
Much like mythological Atlantis the flat lands where cities and the like may have once stood were swallowed by the rising ocean as the ice age came to an end.

Like many peoples Atlanteans did have myths involving a flood but they also combine it with tales
of giant arrows that burned cities to the ground, there is evidence of some rocks scorched by extreme heat in Atlantis. They also claim that there were many invaders who destroyed the "big villages" (cities) of the flat land people and put cruel kings in charge. Overall though the remains
of these myths are told from a fantasy view.

Not so long down the line mythology records dark skinned people landing on the islands by accident.
There dark skinned people were in fact a group related to the San/bushmen people of South Africa.
It is of course largely unknown what happened the Africans certainly mixed with the natives however.

The mixed produced modern Atlanteans which i shall describe just now. Most have long athletic
bodies from their San ancestors (or maybe ancient Atlanteans had genetic engineering
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