Pokemon - My Water Starters Picture

From top left to bottom right: Capraqua, Pliorix and Vathymos (pronounced va-THEIGH-mos). Part of the same series Wispectri was in. This family is Water/Dark type. Again discarding the abilities that all starters generally get, Vathymos has Magic Guard. He has high HP and attack, with good defenses and mediocre special attack and speed.
Vathymos comes from the greek words vathia, meaning deep, and thymos, meaning anger, so Vathymos could be roughly translated into "anger from the deep" or "deep anger". Its family's design comes from several things: mainly, the giant aquatic dinosaurs of the Jurassic Period, specifically the Pliosaur (to which you can find a link here: [link]). In fact, Pliorix derives his name partially from them. The second influence is Capricorn, the sea goat of Greek mythology - some pictures of Capricorn depict him with the tail that I gave the Vathymos family, and Capricorn also has similar horns. Lastly, Vathymos comes from the various folk tales about sea monsters and dangerous deep-water animals - in my opinion, if I saw this guy while boating, I'd never go near water again. Especially considering those blade things on his back and fins are razor-sharp and he's about 7.5 feet long, excluding the tail. D: he's scary...
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