Arrancar OC - Midori and Udjat Picture


This is a colored sketch of one of my oc arrancar.

This is Midori, a fraccion (of an Espada called Jashin im making).

His zampakutou, a sakabatou, is Udjat (not as the "eye of Horus"; but as the winged snake which spits poison, an egyptian creature on the game Age of Mythology)

In his resurreccion, the spikes on his body grows identical to the long one on the right side of his face, and are very poisonous, and his sword looks like an electric saw. (but his is not electrical)

His cero is lime green and its launched when he blow through the ring at the end of the handle of his zampakutou.

He is 1,55 mts. tall and a is very hotheaded and foul-mouthed. In response to this, Jashin, her "leader", smacks him or kicks him softly, like kidding. She treats him like a dog, calling him whistling or snapping her fingers, even offering him a dog biscuit. She gave him the giant bell he wears on his neck, same as the earring.

According to him, he wears a backless (and very femenine) outfit coz the multiple spikes on his back always ruins his clothes. Besides, he uses a very short hakama (which looks like a skirt, lol) coz he prefers hand to hand combat, same as her "leader" ^^ (and long hakamas annoys him for this type of combat)

he has his tongue forked and he hisses at the end of his sentences

Hope you like him, coming soon, Jashin
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