Regressed Celtic Gods Picture

I know the name probably confuses you. Well, This was inspired by a strange yet awesome dream I had a while back. In the dream, Me and Phantakwing were Celtic Gods, along with these other random people, and the evil Gods, the ones on the right, were after us.
The evil Gods sent a spider at me when Me and Phantakwing were at home. It was this weird black Widow thing that had blue legs. Phantakwing killed it to save my life. And around our house, there were plants everywhere, and giant mushrooms that looked much like the ones you see in the drawing. We went around spraying bug spray, in case the evil Gods tried to send spiders at me again.
Also, in Addition to that, I was in this class with this Irish teacher who made me think of a mixture of Jack O'neil from Stargate, and one of the twins from Boondock Saints. There was another girl there who was a Celtic goddess like me. The teacher taught about relaxation and stuff.
it was really strange, but cool.

So I drew this. On the left it's me, Phantakwing, the random chick, the Irish teacher, and Kitty. ( she wasn't in the dream, but I wanted her there. ) On the Right it's the evil Gods, the first one being a girl whom we did see in teh dream, Mr. Aaron of No wits, and my sworn enemy from High school, for in the dream I knew them to be evil Gods. And yes, the evil Gods were suppose to be Goth, but I didn't want to make them all black, since it's annoying coloring everything black.

The back ground I just kind of based off the dream. Like I said, it's not suppose to fit the mythology, this was just a dream I had.
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