mermaid kiss Picture

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The last three things I've uploaded [not counting sketchdumps] have been pairs/couples/romance. What is wrong with you, subconscious mind!

Fishgirl needs a naaame. She and Damien are childhood friends and are totally best friends/bros and not a romantic couple, but that doesn't stop fishgirl from being a playful flirt sometimes, much to Damien's annoyance.

They're fascinated with each others' worlds - fishy wonders what it would be like to fly and not be so dependent on water, birdy is curious about the ocean but he can't breathe underwater, obviously. He's also fidgety/antsy and usually has his wings just loosely folded instead of completely so he'll have a quick way to take off if need be - swimming makes him panicky because he can't fly with waterlogged wings.

I'm pretty sure I stole this from something but I can't 100% remember where I got it, so I hope it's generic boring mythology used everywhere :U A kiss from fishgirl's species grants temporary waterbreathing, neato! Fishy somehow convinces birdy to go swimming and surprises him/freaks him right the hell out with SURPRISE waterbreath now you can swim yaaay!

.. He'll still have to deal with waterlogged wings later, though.

OOPS THAT WAS REALLY LONG and also stupid but that is my dumb little characters backstory for an image that popped into my head earlier today. Pretty rough, but I think it's one of my better [almost] fullbody and character interaction pictures :U Not terribly happy with her head (should be bigger?) and the anatomy is wonky and I should have sketched the rest of Damien's legs in photoshop but oh well !!! maybe later !!

if it's not
immediately apparent

really need to give her a name already
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