OC Sketch Dump June 2013 Picture

Giant Sketch dump of Giant... of multiple characters of my own...

Top left is Ka Anor, now renamed Xob. Some changes were made to his design (Not a lot but still there) and he's still the God-Eater he was before. Perhaps another time I'll get some more done with him. The new name was chosen, Xob is Hebrew for "Persecuted, afflicted"

Beside Xob, with the skeletal face is Xolotl. The god of twins and sickness... (I believe Aztec and I just put my own design to him and so on and so forth... more done later hopefully with him as well.

The bottom left is St. John Stone, my Charmeleon Gijinka. Such a little rebel.

Those three pictures of the deer looking fella with the brown hair and blue mohawk is my persona Toby with a furry version as well.

Far right is Seryrn, my Satyress. I love her so much ;w; More to be done with her as well.

All art is my own. Characters are my own. St. John Stone was adopted a bit back. Ka Anor/Xob and Xolotl were both inspired, one by mythology and the other by K.A. Applegate's work. Thank you
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