The MudMan + lore Picture

The mud man is a old mythological creature
They say the mud men come to earth to warn people for natural disasters.
The tale of the mud man is that of tragic dedication to ones work.
Once, there was a lonesome miner going by the name of Kili.
A miner in the high mountains,he was very dedicated to his work and made so
many tunnels and holes that people got completely lost in his twisted labyrinth.
One day, Kili found something mysterious and ancient, some lost relic which a mere mortal
was not allowed to find. The gods saw this, and created the giant earth shake
to stop Kili from using the newfound relic to gain power equal to that of the gods.
The giant snake devasted his mine, sending tremors deep into the earth, filling his
labyrinth with mudslides, killing Kili and closing his mine to the outside world for all
eternity, sealing the threasure within the flooded ruins.
Somehow, Kilis spirit, wandering around his lost mine in agony, found a new body, formed
by the mud that once destroyed his home. So now the restless spirit wanders, warning
everyone for disasters, so that no one has to suffer like he had,back then...
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