Doodlebatch 3 Picture

Posting these, I'm finding, is a little bit like cutting off my fingers and arranging them on a nice platter for show and tell.
It takes a while, isn't much to look at, and makes a hell of a mess.

1) The little Troll King hath found a new pet. This is a really old doodle, folks. Way back when, I went through a bit of a nutty Norse mythology phase. This is all that remains. An dwould you look at that, I even attempted to shade it.
2) Huzzah! Fun with perspective!
Yes I need lots more practice.
3) Profile of Sasha. I'm quite pleased with this one, minus the giant smudge across her nose. That's from discovering that graphite melts a bit if the picture in question is left under a laptop for too long.
4) Les yeux.
5) Smirking bloke in a toga. Ask me not.
6) Conceptual contraptiony device of Sasha...
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