NemeanLeomon Picture

Name: NemeanLeomon

Size (Data size): Approximatly 3 Terabytes

Level: Mega

Attribute: Earth

Type: Vaccine

Profile: When a HeraclesLeomon performs a selfless sacrifice, he is given a gift by the Digimon Sovereigns, and he digivolves into a NemeanLeomon.


Digimon Natural Ability: Beast, Dragon Slayer

Primary Attack: Gilded Fur
His entire body changes into Huanglong Ore for 30 seconds, but he can not use his other two attacks during this time.

Secondary Attack: God Killer Fang
His fangs become charged with energy and he bites the opponent, Ultimate level and below digimon are deleted, Mega and above take massive damage.

Ultimate Attack: Shockwave Roar
A roar so strong it has been known to shatter mountains.

Digivolves from:

Digivolves to: ?

Name Origin: Nemean - the giant lion from greek mythology, Leo means lion.

Trivia: There is only 1 NemeanLeomon in existence.

Credit to DMA-Digidex for the original pic:

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