LegenDex Entry No. 180 Picture


The Great Nordic Fire Giants. Upon the Days of Ragnarok, these Giants will rise up from the Earth, and burn the world asunder with their tremendous heat as the Wars of Ragnarok consume the Earth.

As the Gods, Led by Odin, battle the Jotuns, Led by Hela and Loki, the Eldjotnar will plunge the Earth into war and strife, throwing the world to the Flames. Many men and gods alike will burn to death in the Flames, or suffocate from the smoke, and will Die.

After Ragnarok has ended though, and the few survivors emerge, the Fire Giant's will have ultimately failed their ultimate goal, as the Earth, despite being burned, will now be more Fertile and cultivatable than Ever before, and the surviving Humans and gods will live in an Era of peace and plentiful, ironically brought on by the Fire Giants themselves.
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